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For all you dyed in the wool gearheads and car buffs out there, there may be some things contained in these pages that you didn't know. Actually I'm pretty sure there are, but for the most part these pages are being written as an informational primer for novice collectors starting in the hobby, to enable them to better understand you and I and enhance the communication process. The following pages will discuss the topics of Numbers Matching, Clones vs Original Automobiles,  NOS parts vs Reproduced Parts, Engine Blocks, Cylinder Heads, Spray Welding, Re-stamping, Automobile Documentaion in the form of Build Sheets, Window Stickers, Cowl Tags, and much more. Let's start out with Decoding Cowl Tags.

1_ Understanding Cowl Tags & VIN Numbers

2. About_ Engine_ Blocks


4. Distributor_ Numbers_ Explained

5._Paper Documentation

6. About Engine Number Restamping
Articles of Interest
Coming Soon: What Are Broach Marks?
Stay tuned folks our next article is all about boach marks. What you need to know and why.
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