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                            We Still Stand By What We Said In 2005

We take pride in the fact that we have built a business based on  the idea that authenticity is achievable. That authentic numbers matching cars are more desirable and valuable than collectible automobiles that are not authentic numbers matching vehicles. The fact remains however that more and more people are having engine blocks restamped.

  Engine ID Number Restamping has become a much sought after service. It is in our opinion folly to believe that every person who has an engine ID number restamped on an engine block is being deceitful. There are legitimate reasons for restamping an engine block ID number.

  We offer that service to clients but we want to make sure that everyone understands exactly how we feel about it.  We DO NOT restamp build dates and VIN numbers to help authenticate any vehicle for any reason whatsoever. If you are restoring a vehicle and the engine block has been decked for whatever reason you may need or want the numbers restamped. If you have a car that the original motor was blown and you are restoring the vehicle as an heirloom to pass down to your son or daughter you may want to restamp the numbers .This does not mean the car is original nor should anyone say it is.

Back in May of 2005 when I first wrote this page I did so with more than a little trepidation. I was pretty sure that no matter what I said here it was certain to be misunderstood by someone. Nobody wants to be crucified in the court of public opinion. Well I wasn’t too far wrong as this page did stir up a little controversy in a few places. Here are a couple of comments from the forums,just to give you an idea.

“I hope the feds throw the guy in jail... I thought altering VIN the numbers (even on components) was illegal.”

It is not illegal to restamp numbers for a block that will be placed into a vehicle with the corresponding VIN numbers of that vehicle.(actually in some circumstances in some localities it is illegal not to do so.)  What is illegal or should be illegal is to tell the next buyer that the motor is original to the car if it isn't.  As we said before "This does not mean the car is original nor should anyone say it is."

“Saw this in a Chevelle Tech post, he acts like he's offering a legitimate service but is he really???”

The answer is yes I am providing a legitamate service. In fact a much sought after service that the National Corvette Restorer's Society accepts when it is judging and certifying Corvettes as does the Bloomington Gold show the last weekend of every June. Here is an excerpt from Bloomington Gold’s Procedures and Protocols pages 4 & 5.
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Engine Number Restamping
                                RESTORATION vs. COUNTERFEIT
It is not Bloomington Gold's policy to "look for counterfeits". However, if a counterfeit engine, trim tag or VIN is discovered, our policy subjects the owner to immediate disqualification and ineligibility to participate in future Certification events. If a Bloomington Gold judge is aware of such a counterfeit, he is required to advise the Division Director. Furthermore, if any Bloomington Gold judge is found to be associated with a Corvette entered in Certification which is determined to be counterfeit, he is subject to immediate and permanent dismissal from the National Corvette Certification Board.
Bloomington Gold does not necessarily consider "re-stamping" to be counterfeiting. If the "re-stamp" was done with the intention of restoring or replacing the original numbers rather than deceiving, Bloomington Gold does not consider that to be counterfeit.

Bloomington Gold uses Webster's Dictionary to define the difference in terms:

restoration: "To renew; to put back into existence or bring back to a former or original state." For Example:
1. Repainting an original Tuxedo Black Corvette with Tuxedo Black paint.
2. Restamping an original block with the same CID/Suffix/VIN as that block had when it left the factory.

counterfeiting: "To make an imitation of something else with the intent to deceive or defraud."  For Example:
1. Repainting an original Glen Green Corvette with Riverside Red paint and changing the trim tag so it appears it left the factory as a Riverside Red Corvette.
2. Replacing the engine in a small block Corvette with a big block and making the CID/Suffix/VIN stampings appear that the Corvette left the factory as a big block.
3. Replacing the carburetor on an engine with a fuel injection unit and altering the block numbers and suffix code to make it appear it left the factory as a fuel injection Corvette.

It should be noted also that under both NCRS and Bloomington Gold judging standards the block pad and the number appearance are judged. Only a correctly restamped pad is acceptable as a restoration. Anything not typical of  factory appearance is not acceptable. 

We restamp engine ID numbers . There are only a handful of people who have the knowledge and correct equipment to reproduce engine ID numbers using the correct fonts. The thing is , that you and I both know you can get it done cheaper. The question is are you going to be happy after the works done? If I do the job for you the answer will be yes! I have a  COMPLETE set of ALL the fonts.

   Once again I say .....

Restoring any automobile is a lot of work. You have lots of time and money invested in your project. Why take a chance on something as important as having the number stamping performed correctly in order to save a few bucks?  If you are going to do it, then do it right.

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I originally wrote this article for my other website www.bigblockbruce.com, it is reproduced here for educational purposes.