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The very best documentation, regardless of the manufacturer is the original window sticker and/or purchase invoice and /or  purchase agreement. The best of the three is a combination of the first two mentioned above.

The majority of the time there was a build sheet passed down the production line with the vehicle at the plant. The build sheet was a piece of paper listing instructions about what options to install on each particular vehicle. This build sheet included the VIN number, the plant built at, and all options installed at the factory, dealership destination, and everything else pertinent to the particular vehicle. A build sheet is almost equivalent to a DNA sample to that particular vehicle.

At the end of the production line the paper document was often times left hidden in the car in various places. (Example: under seat, behind door panel, under carpet, on top of gas tank, etc.) Sometimes however the document was not left in the car, and in some cases at some plants there was no build sheet.

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Paper Documentation