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We are a small business located in Stark County Ohio not far from the city of Canton Ohio and the Pro-Football Hall of Fame. I specialize in Personal Property Appraisals especially American Classic Muscle Cars, collectible automobiles, drive train components and parts inventories.

I have spent the majority of my life working around muscle cars and musical instruments.  I have been studying and collecting both since high school.

I started this company as a result of finding myself in need of an appraiser one day in the not too distant past. When that need arose I became immediately and painfully aware of just how hard it was to find a certified appraiser knowledgeable about Collector Cars and Collector Car Parts in my home state of Ohio. I found appraisers , both certified and not certified.Most of the certified appraisers in my area had little or no knowledge of collectable automobiles.

The un-certified appraisers were immediately ruled out because without certification their appraisal is viewed by a court of law as nothing more than opinion. My next door neighbor could have offered his opinion for free. What was neccesary for the court was a proffesional personal property report. Most of the certified appraisers I found were then ruled out because they had no knowledge of the subject. I retained an appraiser from out of state who was a member of CAGA. I was impressed with his professionalism and the amount of time and attention to detail put forth in preparing his report.  To make a long story short I contacted CAGA and  enrolled in their program. I became a  CAGA certified appraiser.

Since that time a lot of water has flowed under the bridge my friends. I have been called several times as a professional witness or to defend my appraisals. I have met many appraisers in the course of my daily business, or personally seen copies of their work. I have seen appraisal reports presented to a Court of Law  written on a single sheet of notebook paper by a new car dealer. It's like i have said before, All Appraisers Are Not Equal
and neither are All Appraisals. Make sure you get your monies worth.

American Classic Muscle
Car Appraisers of Ohio.LLC

Bruce A. Peoples
Telephone 330-614-0801

PO Box 27
Paris, Ohio

My name is Bruce A. Peoples I have been involved in the automotive industry since I was old enough to push a broom in my Dad's shop, where I earned my nick name "Big Block Bruce"

As a certified appraiser I provide written appraisals for insurance, tax, estate, marital division, charitable contributions, liquidations, bankruptcy, sale estimates or other informational purposes. I base my  rates  on time spent and the scope of the appraisal, not on a percentage of the property's value. When you call my number you talk to me. Not some guy behind a desk who farms out the job to an appraiser he's never even met. I do all my own appraisals and answer the phone too. Need some more reasons to call me?

Read why all appraisals are not equal
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