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All Appraisers are not equal. In the state of Ohio all appraisers are not certified. That does not mean that an uncertified appraiser isn't capable of providing you with a good appraisal of the item in question. However there are certain risks involved anytime you hire an appraiser.  Minimizing these risks are the reason you are considering an appraisal service in the first place.  The top five risks that most clients are attempting to minimize are:

1    Making sure not to sell an item too low
2    Making sure not to pay too much
3    Making sure  you are not under or over insured
4    Making sure you get your fair share in a division of  property
5     Making sure you don't incur tax penalties or open yourself up to an audit when claiming a deduction for charitable contribution or when calculating estate taxes.

  It is imperative that your appraisal report conforms to today's generally accepted appraisal standards. It is even more vital to choose an appraiser who has training and is capable of providing you documentation that will stand up under the close scrutiny of the government, courts, judges, banks, attorneys, accountants, insurance representatives and other professionals who will be viewing the written appraisal report.

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With the government, courts, judges, banks, attorneys, accountants, insurance representatives and other professionals examining more closely the personal property appraisal report, it is important to know what you as a consumer should not only expect butdemand from a professional personal property appraisal report. Here are a few points that a professional report should have:

A complete and accurate description of the property

Analysis of the factors affecting value reflecting the
appraiser’s research in accordance with the standards
required by government authorities

A definition of value appropriate to the type of appraisal

A value for the property appraised substantiated by the report  analysis

The appraiser’s qualification page

The appraiser’s signature

The appraiser’s statement that the appraiser does not have a financial interest
in the property

You should confirm with the appraiser that the appraiser’s  report can be defended in court if needed  

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All Appraisers Are Not Equal
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