I assist many potential buyers with Pre-Purchase Inspections.  This is an area of expertise that is very much in demand. Many potential buyers of Classic/ Vintage Vehicles, are often looking to purchase a vehicle off the Internet.

We make it possible for those who are hundreds, or, thousands of miles away from that vehicle, to have it inspected by a professional for a fraction of the cost that they would have to pay to drive, or, fly into a given area, to inspect the vehicle on their own.

This is a service that we have had a lot of experience in, and have met a lot of very nice people along the way.  This service helps to give security to a person thousands of miles away from a vehicle of interest, and could save them a lot of money ,if this vehicle is not properly represented, or, innocently misrepresented, which we have experienced a lot in the past.

Please take the time to consider your investment in a Classic / Vintage vehicle, and reduce the potential risk of a misrepresented Classic / Vintage, or Muscle Car .

Don't Be A Victim!

More and more classic cars are bought and sold each day on the Internet and the prices are steadily climbing through the roof. It should come as no great surprise that not all of the original classic vehicles being sold are original or authentic. In fact many of the classic cars being sold on Internet auction sites prominently state that they are clones. (reproduction type vehicles) We have seen some pretty amazing work done by some top notch car enthusiasts. The average person looking at the car would never know it is not original. These cars are bringing some pretty high prices and probably should , based on the obvious amount of quality work and countless hours invested to get them to the level they have achieved. There is nothing wrong in my opinion with clones or reproduced automobiles as long as everyone knows that's what they are. The problem is that sometimes they are passed off as being original. Usually this happens after it has left the builders posession and the title has changed hands a couple of times.  Before you buy you should have a pre-purchase inspection done by a qualified certified appraiser who is knowledgeable about determining the authenticity of American Classic Muscle Cars. Someone who knows the correct  casting numbers that should be present on the various drive train components and where to find these numbers.
Ideally this person should also know by looking whether or not the engine block has had the identification numbers re-stamped indicating that the motor may not be original.

Engine block ID number restamping has become wide spread in the last decade. It is estimated that there are more L88 Corvettes and LS6 Chevelles on the road today than GM ever built. If a man buys a 1970 Malibu worth seven to eight thousand dollars for the purpose of restoration. During the course of that restoration he restamps the engine block to make it appear to be an LS6. He now claims to have a forty thousand dollar car. If he then sells that car to you, do you

A.  truly own an LS6
B.  have you just been duped out of thirty thousand dollars?

The answer  is B.  You have just been swindled if you bought the car believing it to be original. Of course you may never find out until you decide to sell the vehicle and the next buyer has the car correctly inspected by a reputable appraiser.

It is a little more difficult to alter original casting numbers on a block than it is to restamp numbers on the pad. However it is being done. Usually the last three or four digits of the original casting numbers are removed with a grinder. In some cases though, all it takes is altering one digit. They are then replaced using a technique known as spray welding. When done by a true artist it is almost undetectable.

Bruce A. Peoples
Certified Appraiser
P.O. Box 27
Paris, Ohio 44669
(330)--862-3031--Office #
(330)--614-0801--Cell #

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Prepurchase Inspection
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