As an expert witness, I will make myself available to defend my opinion of Fair Market Value in a court of law,if necessary, which includes, but, is not limited to, Damage Claims Estimate, Divorce, Estate, Fair Market Value, Insurance Value. I have a winning ccourt record, ask me about it.

We also have experience in,   Mediation, Arbitration, etc.  We concentrate on cases involving litigation of , Classic/ Vintage Vehicles.  

We are doing Certified Appraisals for, Private Owners, Insurance Company's, Lending Institutions, Law Firms, etc, etc.

Please feel free to contact me if you are in need of an expert in the field of ,Classic/ Vintage Automobiles, that may involve any of the areas above.

Our reports are built on an in depth Analysis / Evaluation of the vehicle / vehicles in question.

We value the needs of each and every client.

Bruce A. Peoples
Certified Appraiser
P.O. Box 27
Paris, Ohio 44669
330-614-0801--Office #

65 Chevelle SS, 1933 Ford, 56 Chevy BelAir, 1968 Barracuda, 1967 GTO incorporated into banner
Expert Witness
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