We also specialize in "Custom Modified Vehicle Appraisals".  This type of appraisal is used when an original, type vehicle has been "modifieusing custom, and , or, aftermarket components.  Insurance companies will most often need a breakdown of the specific type of work, and components used to build a particular vehicle.

In my opinion, it would be very wise to document every aspect of this type of build, due to the cost of said project, and the necessity for a certain agreed, or, stated amount of insurance coverage.

Please take the time to verify the difference between an "Agreed Insurance Policy", and a "Stated Value Policy". 

I personally like the "Agreed Value Policy".

Getting the right type of Insurance Policy for your vehicle, could pay off in the event you need to file a claim.

Bruce A. Peoples
Certified Appraiser
P.O. Box 478
Louisville, Ohio 44641
(330)--862-3031--Office #
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Custom Modified Vehicle Appraisals
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